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Food in Shanghai

by: Naili Wang
Xiande, Chen

Shanghai China: Jiao Tong University Press 2010, $39.00, Paperback
ISBN: 978-7-313-06378-6

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Fall Volume: 2017 Issue: 24(3) page(s): 21

Not a cookbook, this volume has no recipes. It is a volume in the ‘You are Welcome to Shanghai’ series; the other three are titled: Entertainment in Shanghai, Tour in Shanghai, and Lodgement in Shanghai. They were published just prior to ‘Expo 2010’ in the vibrant East Coast city hosting it.

In five parts, it details eighteen items in the ‘Traditional Chinese Restaurants’ chapter, five others in the one titled ‘Well-known Specialty Restaurants,’ five others in the ‘Elegant Western Restaurants’ chapter, thirteen others in the ‘Trendy Dim Sums in Shanghai’ one, and five more in the ‘Unforgettable Traditional Shanghai Classics. Each restaurant is thoroughly vetted with pages of information, hours of operation, address and telephone number, and background including when it started, and many of its dishes described in detail.

This thorough look at almost all of the many, many places mentioned are worth knowing about. Read about them, intellectually taste and delight in the dishes they have. Get to know the foods, many are true gems. The book is a joy to read and relish!

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