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Global Cuisine

by: Myron Zobel

Hollywood CA: Patron Press 1962, Hardbound

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Fall Volume: 2018 Issue: 25(3) page(s): 20

Numbered 3663, this first edition of five thousand, arrived thanks to Harley Spiller, the Chinese take-out menu collector. He donated them to Canada’s Scarborough University collection. Should you want to see them; hopefully they will soon be listed there. Frankly, never had heard of this book, and am thrilled to be able to add it to our collection resting at the Stony Brook University special collections area. Worn and well used, it discusses eighty-four famous eateries and has recipes for a handful from each of them.

Of those Chinese, we have only eaten in one, Kan’s in San Francisco, now a piece of its history. Did adore its food in the 1960s. Can see and taste it to this day; it was phenomenal. Did eat at other places, such as in the Seagram’s building Four Season’s restraurant. But back to Kan’s, their Lobster with Sauce Americaine was phenomenal, and so is having its recipe in this book. Their Chinese Barbecued Spare Ribs were outstanding, too, and we will soon make both of these recipes and many others.

Was not a Chinese food maven then, and am amazed that I could, on reading the recipes, taste them again. The Ribs have haunted me since. Thanks to Korbel, can now make them; the lobster, too, Did not have Mock Lamb there, but soon will at home, after I purchase more rice sticks and other recipe ingredients.

Books such as this one reminds us of those who have dined at great eateries. Thanks to their authors, and those other folk who share their culinary experiences in this detail, we can recreate their wonderful food. Would that there were others who detailed them so exactly!

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