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The Eternal Table: A Cultural History of Food in Rome

by: Karima Moyer-Nocci
Rolandi, Giancarlo

Lanthan MD: Roman 6 Littlefield 2019, Hardbound
ISBN: 978-1-4422-6974-3

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Fall Volume: 2019 Issue: 26(3) page(s): 21

This ‘Big City Food Biography’ is but one in a series edited by Ken Albala. It has seven chapters including: The Roman Terrarium. Quid tum-Then What, Cooking from Books, Mobility, Al mercato-At the Marketplace, Er da magna’-f.ats, and Eating and Drinking Out.

Though it has only one half-page about Chinese food, not even very complimentary, it was worth knowing what another great cuisine’s users think; and we learned from it, too. While Italian cuisine is great with a great though not a lond as is the Chinese one. It has some variety, history, and depth, though less that China’s does.

The last page includes six lines about the first author, an American who immigrated there some thirty years ago now living in Umbria. In 2015, she authored: Chewing the Fat-An Oral History of Italian Foodways from Facscim to Dolce Vita, and it received critical acclaim world-wide. His book is co-authored by a native local who lectures at the University of Rome and is the VP of Slow Food- Rome. Ln our next trip to Italy, we plan to seek out more about this capital ltalina city’s Chinese food; even have a starting point. Wevery locallook, even at other cuisines, can be a large learning lesson. We enjoyed sharing it lessons and have been educated by it.

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