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Golden Vegetable Wraps

Vegetables, also Vegetarian Foods

Golden Vegetable Wraps
1 Tablespoon dried gorgon fruit
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
1 clove garlic, slivered
2 Tablespoons slivered taro
5 sugar snap peas, strings removed and slivered the long way
10 enoki mushrooms
1 teaspoon shredded wax gourd or another gourd
2 teaspoons shredded purple yam
1 large Chinese black mushroom, soaked until soft, stem discarded, and slivered
3 Tablespoons slivered Chinese pumpkin
2 asparagus, cut in two-inch lengths, then slivered
1/2 baby bok cai, cut in two-inch lengths, and slivered
1 teaspoon qoji berries, each cut in three or four, the long way
salt and ground white pepper, to taste
2 spring roll wrappers
1. Soak gorgon fruit in warm water for half an hour, then steam for fifteen minutes over rapidly boiling water. Cool, and sliver.
2. Heat wok or large fry pan, fry garlic for one minute until fragrant, and remove from the oil and put into a large bowl.
3. Mix gorgon fruit, garlic, and the slivered taro, sugar snap peas, enoki mushrooms, wax gourd, purple yam, black mushroom, asparagus, bok cai, and the giji berries, and put half on the edge of each spring roll, Fold one end in and roll closed, narrower at the folded end, wider at the other which will be the top of the wrap. Try not to put too much filling at the wider end.
4. Reheat wok or fry pan and fry the wraps until golden and crisp. Then serve.

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