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Zhanjiang Casserole Lauren

Soups and Congees

Zhanjiang Casserole Lauren
1 large pork chop or four large pork ribs
3 cloves whole garlic, peeled and lightly crushed with side of a cleaver
4 Chinese black mushrooms, soaked, stems removed, and cut in quarters
1 cup leafy goji greens (or substitute amaranth leaves)
1 or 2 preserved duck eggs (pidan), peeled and then diced
1. Into a stove-top casserole, add pork, garlic, mushrooms and five cups of water. Cook just below the boil until the meat is extra tender, and the water turns more cloudy than clear. Remove meat and bones and discard both. Strain, if necessary.
2. Add goji greens and cut up duck eggs, and simmer for five minutes, then serve.

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