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Pears, Almonds, and Rambutan

Fruits, Desserts, and Other Sweet Foods

Pears, Almonds, and Rambutan
4 Chinese pears
2 Tablespoons white cloud ear fungus, soaked in warm water for one hour
1/2 teaspoon sweet almonds, blanched with skins removed
1/2 teaspoon bitter almonds
1 Tablespoon Chinese brown slab sugar
8 rambutan, peeled and cut in half, seeds if any, removed
1. Cut tops off pears and set them aside. Remove the core being careful not to cut to the outside.
2. Drain the fungus, squeeze out the water, and cut away any hard parts, then cut into half-inch pieces.
3. Put fungus, almonds, rock sugar, and two tablespoons cold water in small pot and simmer this for five minutes.
4. Put each pear into a small heat-proof bowl, pour this sugar mixture equally into them, add the rambutan and cover with the pear tops, securing each with a toothpick. Then steam them over simmering water for half an hour. Remove the toothpicks, and serve them, one to a person.

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