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Winter Melon Chowder

Soups and Congees

Winter Melon Chowder
1 can abalone (two to a can)
1 box silken tofu
5 ounces dried scallops, soaked in warm water for one hour
6 cups chicken stock
1 small winter melon, peeled and diced
6 Chinese red dates
1 packet (about ten) bamboo fungus, soaked, veils removed, and cut into short lengths
1 handful honshimeiji mushrooms
1 cup green peas
1. Dice abalone and the tofu, and shred the soaked scallops.
2. Boil the chicken stock for ten minutes, add the winter melon pieces and the dates, and turn the heat down low. Simmer until the winter melon cubes are translucent.
3. Add the remaining ingredients and return to a boil for one minute. Serve in individual bowls.

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