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Steamed Hairy Crabs

Fish and Seafood

Steamed Hairy Crabs
4 hairy crabs, leave tied as purchased
2 dried perilla leaves, soaked in warm water for ten minutes (optional)
1 Tablespoon coarsely chopped ginger
1/4 cup shaoxing rice vinegar
1. With abdomen facing up, put crabs then the soaked perilla leaves on top and steam over boiling water, for fifteen minutes if small or medium size, twenty minutes if large.
2. Remove crabs from steamer rack or basket, cut away the strings that tied the crab.
2. Mix ginger with Shaoxing vinegar and put into a small dish. Set this aside for dipping the crab meat.
3. Cut the crabs into several pieces with a strong scissor, and serve them or have scissors for those eating them to do that task. Set on the table with the dipping sauce.

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