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Crab in Bamboo Steamer Basket

Fish and Seafood

Crab in Bamboo Steamer Basket
1 six- to eight-inch bamboo steamer basket per person
1/2 lotus leaf (per person)
1/2 cup glutinous rice (per person), soaked overnight, then steamed for forty minutes
1 crab (and one steamer basket per person)
1 clove fried garlic, peeled and minced (per person)
1 teaspoon fried shallot (per person)
1. Line a bamboo steamer basket with lotus leaf. The leaf will need to be cut into three overlapping pieces.
2. Leave large crab shell and the pincer legs with their shells on the crab. Remove all other shells and chop the other crab part into four pieces, and set it aside.
3. Mix rice with garlic and shallot pieces, then put the rice mixture on the bamboo leaf. Put the crab pieces on next, the shell and pincer pieces on top of them. Steam this for twelve minutes over rapidly boiling water. Remove and serve.

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