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Mi Liang Fan

Fruits, Desserts, and Other Sweet Foods

Mi Liang Fan
1 quart rice milk
1 Tablespoon coagulant (magnesium sulfate, calcium sulphate, or another coagulant)
1. The day before or early in the morning boil rice milk, then add the coagulant and boil for another ten minutes.
2. Cool it in a thin flat pan in the refrigerator. It will be jelly-like and wiggly.
3. When ready to use, cube or cut into thin noodles. Gently transfer to a small bowl if using them in a recipe; this makes for easier adding to that dish. If eating them plain or with a dipping sauce, do so with a Chinese soup spoon.
Note: If rice milk is not available, use six to eight ounces of prepared konnyaku noodles; and if they are bundled, untie them.

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