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Sea Cucumber, Sui-Yuan

Unusual Ingredients

Sea Cucumber, Sui-Yuan
Sea cucumber itself has no taste. It is hard to cook it well because it has much sand and can taste fishy. A kind with spikes is the best choice. First dip it in clean water in order to clear away sand. Use broth to stew it. Then cook it in chicken soup and broth until flaccid. Accessories are Chinese mushroom and black mo-er, because they are all a similar black color. Or prepare to stew the sea cucumber before the day of a dinner party so that it can be flaccid. I have seen a method for cooking it in observer Qian’s home. This excellent method is to mix mustard and chicken soup with cold sea cucumber or first cut sea cucumber into dice then stew it with diced bamboo and diced Chinese mushrooms in chicken soup. The chef in minister Jiang’s home uses thin sheets of bean curd, drumstick, and Chinese mushrooms stewed with sea cucumber which is a good practice.

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