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Jiao Bing Tong

Holiday and Celebration Foods

Jiao Bing Tong
1/2 pound flour
1/3 pound cooked pork, cut into pieces
1/3 pound liver, cut the same way as the pork
6 eggs
1/4 cup needle mushrooms
1 pound bamboo shoots, diced
1/2 pound seaweed
1/3 pound mushrooms
3 to 4 pounds bean sprouts
dash of salt, or to taste
small amount of oil for frying
1. Mix flour and water until it looks like paste, then roll and shape it (in Taintai this is done on a particular utensil but it can be rolled on a counter or a flat pan or plate). Repeat until all the dough is rolled.
2. Cut the dough into pieces about three inches square or larger. (Some locals break an egg, beat it in a bowl until light yellow, fry it, and cut it up and mix it with the filling before frying; they let this cool to room temperature.
3. After everything is ready, put one paper-thin tortilla-type food on the table and then using chopsticks, put some of the mixture on a piece of dough and roll it up.
4. Next roast or fry them on an 'iron chelate' or a metal pan before eating them.

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