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Hunan Eggs, No Yolk


Hunan Eggs, No Yolk
8 to ten eggs (one per person)
2 conpoy, soaked for twenty-five minutes in warm water, then steamed for half an hour minutes
1 cup raw rice
1 and 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons cornstarch mixed with two teaspoons cold water
1 cup pea shoot greens
1. Make a small hole in the wider end o n the egg, and a smaller one on the other end. Carefully blow out the raw egg, then separate yolk from the white, and refrigerate yolks for another use. If they are whole, they can be covered with cold water.
2. Prepare the conpoy as directed above then when cool manually tear it into thin strips and set aside. Leave water boiling in the steamer.
3. Rinse the egg shells with cold water, then using some soft cheese cover the smaller hole in the shell, and stand it in a steamer basket, large hole up, surrounded by one cup or more of raw rice set in so they remain standing, big hole up.
4. Mix chicken broth, salt, egg whites, and the cornstarch mixture until well-combined, then using a fine funnel or a small pitcher, fill the empty egg shells with this broth mixture. Steam the broth-filled egg shells over slowly boiling water for one hour, then take eggs out of the steamer basket and allow to rest for half an hour.
5. Carefully peel the eggs, and be sure no shell remains on their set fillings.
6. Steam the pea shoot for five minutes, drain and put on a platter. Put the no-yolk set broth-filled eggs on the greens, scatter the shreds of conpoy on and around them, and serve.

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