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Rejuvenation and Long Life Soup

Soups and Congees

Rejuvenation and Long Life Soup
1/3 cup dried shan zha
1/3 cup gou ji berries
1/2 cup seedless red Chinese dates
1/4 pound fresh ginger
1. Rinse the shan zha and gou ji berries. Next, rinse the ginger and crush it with the side of the cleaver. Combine all ingredients in a large pot and add three quarts of water and bring to the boil. Lower heat and simmer for one and a half hours.
2. Crush the dates in the pot or cut them into small pieces with a scissor and cook the soup for another two hours.
3. Drain reserving the liquid and discard the solids. Cool and refrigerate.
Note: This soup can be served hot or cold. In case it is too concentrated, dilute it to suit your taste.

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