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Hooded Combo by Chef Bill of Peking Restaurant


Hooded Combo by Chef Bill of Peking Restaurant
2 eggs
8 ounces cabbage, finely shredded; or yellow chives or garlic chives which are preferred by Shandong people
1 ounce black wood ear fungi, soaked until soft, then finely shredded
1 ounce bamboo shoot, cut into fine strips
1 ounce carrot, finely shredded
4 ounces pork, cut into fine strips
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon soy sauce
1/4 teaspoon sugar
Dash ground white pepper
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
2 ounces Hoisin sauce
2 ounces shredded scallion
4 crepes, as used in Mu Xu dishes
1. Beat the eggs and pour enough into a pre-heated eight-inch nonstick pan just to coat the pan. Cook until a thin, even, round layer is set. Remove and repeat until all crepes are made.
2. Place the egg crepe in a six-inch bowl, allowing some of the edge to remain outside of the bowl. Then mix ingredients for sauce and set aside temporarily.
3. Heat wok, add oil then add cabbage, wood ear fungi, bamboo shoots, carrots, and pork and stir-fry for three minutes before adding the sauce and stir-frying another two minutes before removing the wok from heat source.
4. Using a spatula, transfer the mixture onto the egg sheet-covered bowl, and fold edges inward. Cover the bowl with a bigger plate and flip it over, removing the bowl and then the stir-fry combo is covered with a hood.
Note: The hoisin sauce and finely shredded scallions are available condiments for this Shandong dish. The hood is then cut into and the contents eaten rolled up in a piece of a crepe.

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