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King Oyster Mushrooms with Tomatoes

Vegetables, also Vegetarian Foods

King Oyster Mushrooms with Tomatoes
3 king oyster mushrooms
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 Tablespoons water chestnut flour
2 cups vegetable oil, for deep frying
1 Tablespoon minced fresh ginger
1 small hot chili pepper, seeded, then minced
1/2 sheet black or purple seaweed, minced
1 teaspoon black sesame seeds
1 teaspoon toasted white sesame seeds
1 Tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon crushed Chinese brown sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
3 Tablespoons minced Chinese celery
3 ripe plum tomatoes, blanched for fifteen seconds, then peeled and sliced the long way
1. Slice the mushrooms on a slight angle, into half-inch wide slices.
2. Mix flour with three tablespoons cool water, beating to make a thin batter, then dip the mushroom slices in it coating them well.
3. Heat oil in a deep pot, then deep-fry a few mushroom slices at a time until they are golden, and drain them on paper towels.
4. Make a sauce mixing the minced ginger, chili pepper, seaweed, and both sesame seeds. Then add oyster sauce, crushed sugar, and the minced celery, and one tablespoon cold water.
5. Put a fried mushroom slice on a slice of tomato, and then pour the sauce mixture over them, and serve.

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