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Twice Cooked Spare Ribs w/Fresh and Roasted Garlic


Twice Cooked Spare Ribs w/Fresh and Roasted Garlic
26 ounces basic stock (made using one hen and pork bones, both simmered for six hours)
1 and 1/4 pounds pork spare ribs
11 ounces garlic, peeled and chopped
salt to taste
1 cup vegetable oil
5 and 1/3 ounces shallots, chopped
5 Tablespoons spicy bean paste
1 teaspoon Shaoxing wine
1 teaspoon thin soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon oyster sauce
3 dried red chilies, cut in 1/4 inch lengths
1 teaspoon black bean sauce
1/4 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
1. Mix reduced stock, which should be about two and a half cups, and add ribs, salt to taste, and half of the garlic. Reduce heat to low and let this cook for one hour or until the ribs are tender. Drain the ribs and set aside.
2. Heat oil in a wok or fry pan. Fry shallots and remaining garlic until crispy and set aside. In the same oil, fry the ribs until golden brown. Remove ribs and set them aside. Strain and reserve the oil.
3. Reheat reserved oil and saute one tablespoon of the bean paste until fragrant. Add remaining stock and cooking wine and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low, add deep-fried ribs, salt, soy sauce, and oyster sauce. Cook until seasoning is evenly absorbed, with little remaining sauce in the wok. Transfer the ribs to a serving plate.
4. In a clean wok, saute dried chilies, black bean sauce, and the remaining bean paste until fragrant. Add sesame seeds, bell pepper, fried shallots and garlic and saute continuously until well mixed. Spoon mixture over the ribs and serve immediately.

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