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Rose and Dang Gui with Mutton


Rose and Dang Gui with Mutton
1/3 ounce sliced dang gui, which is Angelica sinensis
1/2 cup rosebuds
1 lamb shank, cubed, or 4 lamb chops
1 Tablespoon fresh ginger juice
1/2 teaspoon salt
6 thick slices fresh ginger
3 whole scallions, each tied into a loose knot
1/4 cup cooking wine, preferably mei gui lu
1/4 cup goji berries, rinsed
6 Chinese jujube dates, pitted
10 dried longan, pitted and rinsed
1. Rinse the dang gui and rosebuds separately, each in one cup of cool water, and reserve the rosebud liquid.
2. Season lamb with ginger juice and salt and set aside for half an hour.
3. Cook lamb in two quarts of boiling water in a large pot. After ten minutes, skim off the foam, then add ginger slices, knotted scallions, wine, dang gui and its soaking liquid, the goji berries, dates, longan fruit, and the soaking liquid from the rosebuds. Bring this to the boil, cover, reduce the heat, and simmer for two hours, adding hot water if and as necessary.
4. Remove the cover, add the rose buds, and simmer for another half an hour. Skim off any fat and serve.
Note: One can garnish with steamed vegetables such as squash and carrots, top with mint leaves, and/or add cooked fine noodles to the soup and serve for a meal or a snack.

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