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Steamed New Year Cake

Holiday and Celebration Foods

Steamed New Year Cake
1/3 pound sugar cubes, ground coarsely
1/3 pound Chinese brown sugar slabs, ground
1 pound glutinous rice flour
1/3 pound ground rice flour
10 sheets of rice paper
2 foot square of very loosely woven white fabric (or three sheets of gauze fabric
1. Soak a ten- or eleven-inch bamboo steaming basket in cool water for one to two hours.
2. Mix sugars well, then add three cups of tepid water and the rice flours.
3. Remove the steamer from the water and drain.
4. Rinse the fabric and gently wring it out. The put fabric in the steamer basket and cover it with several layers of rice paper.
5. Pour in sugar and rice mixture, cover, and steam for fifteen minutes. Wet the surface of the cake and steam another fifteen minutes. Remove from steamer, cool slightly, and serve in pie-shaped wedges.

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