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Braised Camel Hoofs

Unusual Ingredients

Braised Camel Hoofs
Main material:
One camel hoof
Other materials:
1.5 kg chicken, 500 g spareribs,10 hearts of green vegetables
15 g soy sauce, 3 g salt, 20 g Shaoxing wine, a little sugar, 25 g shallots
and ginger, a little pepper ash, 75 g vegetable oil
Cooking method:
1. Soak the camel hoof in cold water, and thoroughly clean it. Simmer the camel hoof thoroughly, rub off the black membrane, soak in water again. Get rid of the smell with shallots and ginger and Shaoxing wine.
2. Put camel hoof, chicken and spareribs in a pot, boil thoroughly.
3. Put the wok over heat, pour in some oil, then the clear soup, and then the camel hoof. Add condiments to it. Braise for a while, then move the wok to high heat, then dish out. Edge the plate with vegetable hearts.

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