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Yams and Belly Pork


Yams and Belly Pork
oil for deep frying
1 pound Chinese yams, peeled, sliced into one-inch by one-inch by half-inch cubes, then deep fried for three minutes
1 pound belly pork, sliced and cubed the same size as the yams, then deep fried for one minute
2 squares red bean curd
1 and 1/2 teaspoons five-spice powder
2 Tablespoons thin soy sauce
3 star anise, left whole
2 Tablespoons crushed Chinese brown slab sugar
2 Tablespoons Maotai or any clear brandy
1/2 teaspoon salt
1. Alternate slices of the Chinese yam and the pork belly in a single layer, the latter skin side down, in a heat-proof dish.
2, Mash red bean curd, then mix with the five-spice powder, thin soy, star anise, brown sugar, Maotai, and the salt. Add half-cup hot water, then pour this mixture over the sliced yams and pork belly.
3. Steam over boiling water for fifteen minutes, then spoon some of the sauce over the sliced items, and steam an additional fifteen minutes, and repeat spooning some of the sauce over the sliced food items. Repeat one more time and steam one last time for fifteen more minutes.
4. Remove the star anise pieces, and carefully slide the sliced items onto a serving plate keeping them in the order they were in; then serve.

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