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Preparing Jellyfish

Unusual Ingredients

Preparing Jellyfish
When you buy jellyfish commercially, be they whole or slivered, rinse them well; many have been preserved with lots of salt. Then, drop them into boiling water for less than half a minute. We do ours for twenty seconds on the clock. That short amount of time will keep them from getting rubbery. Then fish them out fast and next quickly drop them into cold, preferably ice water. Then drain and slice them finely into slivers. If purchased whole, the way we prefer purchasing, they are ready to prepare. Should you purchase yours in plastic bags, whether refrigerated or frozen, before any of the above, rinse them thoroughly, then go on to the soaking step. Jellyfish can then be used blanched as above, tossed with vinegar and other flavorings, or stir-fried. If doing the latter, do that very quickly, too. Below are a few recipes to expand your use of these bobbing swimming critters. That can enable you to enjoy them more than ever before. When cooking them, do that very quickly, too. This is really a pre-preparation step; it needs to be done before any and every jellyfish recipe.

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