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Ching Po Leung Soup

Soups and Congees

Ching Po Leung Soup
1 package Ching Po Leung
10 honey dates
1/2 of adried Lo-Han-Kuo fruit
1 recipe Basic Pork Soup Stock
1. Rinse packaged ingredients and drain.
2. Add to soup stock with remaining ingredients. Dried figs can be substituted for the honey dates, but use only five or six as they are sweeter and larger.
3. Simmer for at least two hours, the longer the better.
Note: Lo-Han-Kuo is also known as momordica. It requires a degree of force because the rind is rather hard. Keep in mind that neither the rind nor its seeds are edible. Also, care should be taken with the honey date because the pit is sharp.
In addition: Packaged ingredients for Ching Po Leung are sometimes identified as such in English, but more often than not, they are simply labeled Dried Assorted Vegetables. See the photograph with seven dried ingredients in the hard copy of this issue; it illustrates Dioscorea, lotus seeds, fox nuts, dried longan, dried lily bulb, pearl barley, and polygonatum. The pre-packed ingredients can be bought individually. I regularly add more of each to soup pots as I enjoy eating them.

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