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Byaslag, a Mongolian Cheese

Dim Sum and Other Snack Foods

Byaslag, a Mongolian Cheese
4 cups yak, goat, sheep, or cow's milk
1/4 cup kefir or a tablet or two of rennet, crushed
1. Boil the milk and then let it cool somewhat after taking it off the heat source. While warm, add the kefir (or rennet) and stir well.
2. After it has curdled, remove the solid parts putting them into a piece of tightly woven cloth and let the watery whey drain out. Then press out as much water as you can, put the cloth and the solid part between two boards and add a heavy weight on top making the sold mass about one foot square and no more than two inches thick leaving this mass there until no more liquid is expelled from the cheese.
3. Wrap the cheese in clean cheesecloth and store, turning it daily. If it dries, use it in a soup or soften it in tea before use, or chew on it as a snack, or eat it with boortsog, a Mongolian deep-fried biscuit-like item.

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