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Lamb and Sour Cabbage Hot Pot


Lamb and Sour Cabbage Hot Pot
2 pounds lamb loin, sliced very thinly
1 cup sour cabbage, rinsed and cut into one-inch strips
5 pieces brown doufu, angle-sliced thinly
1/2 ounce thin dry rice noodles, soaked until soft
1 Tablespoon lard
4 cups beef and/or chicken broth
10 dipping items such as:
soy sauce, sesame paste, leek flower sauce, mashed fermented bean curd,
shrimp paste, hot pepper oil, minced fresh coriander,
minced fresh ginger, minced scallions, minced pickled vegetables
1. Arrange two platters each of the lamb loin and sour cabbage pieces, brown bean curd, and two bowls of the soaked uncooked noodles.
2. Provide each person at the table with a long-handled fork, a small strainer basket, and a small bowl.
3. Put each dipping sauces in a small bowl around the hot pot or chafing dish or on a platter with or near the meat, sour cabbage, and doufu platters.
4. Melt the lard in the bottom bowl of a hot pot or chafing dish, and add the pre-heated broth. When it comes to just below a boil, everyone can cook their own meat, cabbage, doufu, and noodles in small amounts, then dip the meat in whatever sauce or sauces they like; or they can make a sauce mixture to dip their meat and cabbage pieces into when cooked to their desired doneness.
5. After all meat, cabbage, and doufu are eaten or when all guests have had their fill, provide a ladle and let each person help themselves to the soup and any noodles still in the hot pot.

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