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Pearl Noodles*


Pearl Noodles*
Mutton leg, boned and cut up
5 Tsaoko cardamons
Chick peas, half a sheng, pulverized and their skins removed
1. Boil ingredients as a soup, strain the broth, set the meat aside.
2. Cut mutton into qima. Cut up each of the following: One sheep's heart, one sheep's liver, a set of sheep's lungs, two liang of sprouting ginger, four liang of pickled ginger, one liang of sweet melon pickles, ten carrots, nine chin of Chinese yams, one cheese, and ten eggs fried into an omelet. Then fry everything together using one chin of sesame paste. Add everything to the soup, adjust the flavors with onions, salt, and vinegar.
* The original says it supplements the center and increases Qi.

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