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Cured Pork with Mushrooms


Cured Pork with Mushrooms
1/4 pound Chinese cured belly pork
½ pound niu gan jun or another type of mushroom, all but one sliced thinly
6 large cloves of garlic, peeled and thinly sliced
1. Boil the belly pork for thirty minutes, remove, and slice it very thinly. Line a small heat-proof bowl overlapping these slices, and set the bowl aside.
2. Reserve the one mushroom, and use the others after mixing them with the garlic slices, and putting them in the bowl pressing them lightly against the pork. Steam over boiling water for half an hour, then remove the bowl from the steamer and invert it onto a plate. Allow to cool for half an hour, then put the single mushroom on the center top. Use a very sharp knife when slicing this mold. Some prefer to pre-slice and spread the slices in a circle before serving.

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