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Braised Fish with Soy Sauce

Fish and Seafood

Braised Fish with Soy Sauce
Clean the fish, remove the scales, and sprinkle it with salt. Next, put the fish in some yellow wine and marinate it for half an hour Remove and dry the fish, then heat a wok and put a little oil in it or in a pot. Fry the fish on both sides until golden Now remove it from the wok and put half a spoon of oil into the wok and add a few chopped scallions, ginger slices, and peeled garlic slices and stir them. Add yellow wine, light soy sauce, one piece of cinnamon, three fennel, and one spoon of brown sugar. Next add the fish, cover the pot, and reduce the heat, and simmer for ten minutes then turn it carefully and put some of the liquid and simmer until most of the liquid is absorbed. Next, put the fish on a pre-heated platter, sprinkle it with some minced coriander leaves and some red pepper slices, and serve after pouring any remaining liquid on the fish.

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