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Mogolian Lamb Hot Pot


Mogolian Lamb Hot Pot
1 and 1/2 pounds leg of lamb thinly sliced
8 cups lamb stock
2 cups dried rice noodles, soaked until soft, then drained
1 egg per person
sauces put in small dishes around a hot pot, as desired
1. Bring lamb stock to the boil and them pour it into a hotpot.
2. Give each person a long-handle fork and a long-handle basket, a soup bowl, soup spoon; and have a long-handled soup ladle for the table. 3. Cook and eat as for a typical hotpot, each item to the diners desired degree of doneness. Whe all meat is cooked, add the noodles to the hotpot, and each diner can add their egg made as they wish.

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