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Betty's Kueh, as told to me

Dim Sum and Other Snack Foods

Betty's Kueh, as told to me
Take some flour, oil, pork Chinese black mushrooms, lop cheong sausage, soaked dried shrimp, a few scallions, salt, and ground black pepper. Then chop them all up. Add lots of previously soaked glutinous rice and mix all together. After dusting what they call a ‘peach mold, line it with bean curd dough or with a glutinous rice flour dough or wet skins, and seal them. Next bang this out of the mold and either steam or fry for some minutes. Most of my friends say they refer them steamed for about eight minutes.
Put the kueh on greased parchment paper or on a very lightly oiled metal steamer rack. Steam, bake, or dry-fry them for six to eight minutes. Serve with one or more dipping sauces such as sa cha sauce or a dark black sweet vinegar, or mix them both together. Eat them hot, warm, or cold.

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