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Swallow's Nest in Souper Soup

Unusual Ingredients

Swallow's Nest in Souper Soup
2 ounces dried swallow’s nest (another term for bird’s nest)
1 ounce Yunnan ham (you can substitute with Smithfield ham), finely shredded
8 cups Souper Soup
1. Soak swallow’s nest in clear water for at least two hours. Discard any feathers and other debris and discard the water. Then rinse the nest half dozen times.
2. Add two cups of the Souper Soup to the nest and steam over boiling water for one hour. Be sure to check the steamer periodically to see if there is an adequate amount of water in it; if not, add more. When done, discard all of the Souper Soup liquid and mix the ham shreds with the swallow nest pieces and put them into a soup tureen.
3. Bring the rest of the Souper Soup to the boil, pour over the nest and ham mixture and serve.
Serves 6 to 8.

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