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Deep-fried Hard-cooked Pigeon Eggs


Deep-fried Hard-cooked Pigeon Eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups shallots, peeled, skins removed and discarded, each shallot cut in half
20 hard-cooked pigeon eggs, peeled
2 Tablespoons maltose
½ teaspoon coarse salt
2 Tablespoons oyster sauce
1. Heat wok or small deep pot, add the shallots and deep fry them until crisp, then remove and drain on paper towels.
2. Add the eggs to the wok or pot, and deep-fry them for two or three minutes, then remove and drain well.
3. Remove all but one tablespoon of the oil and reserve. Then cut each egg in half.
4. Put half the shallots on a small serving dish, top with the egg halves, then add the rest of the shallots on top.
5. In a small pot or wok, heat the reserved oil, then add the sugar, lemon juice, salt, and oyster sauce and bring this mixture to the boil stirring it. Pour it over the shallot and egg mixture. Now serve.

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