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Scallops and Banana

Fish and Seafood

Scallops and Banana
1 banana cut into ten rounds
½ cup shrimp paste
4 scallops, cut in half rounds
½ cup bread crumbs
1 egg yolk beaten with one teaspoon cold water
1 cup oil
1. Dry the banana slices on paper towels and spread some of the shrimp paste on one side of each slice. Top with another slice of a scallop, and coat this sandwich with the bread crumbs.
2. Dip one side of the sandwich in egg, then in more bread crumbs.
3. Heat the oil and deep fry each piece, two at a time, until they are tan and crisp. Drain on paper towels and repeat until all are fried.
4. Turn up the heat, and fry them a second time until all are a little darker; then drain again on paper towels before serving.

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