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Papaya in Soup

Soups and Congees

Papaya in Soup
2 green papaya
2 large pieces rock sugar, or more or less, to taste
2 ounces white cloud ear fungus, soaked in cold water for one hour.
1 cup chicken stock
1. Peel both papaya and remove the seeds. Then dice the flesh into one-inch square-shaped pieces.
2. Bring pieces of sugar and one cup of cold water to the boil and simmer until sugar is totally dissolved.
3. Trim any tough center pieces away from cloud ear fungus. Then add them and chicken stock and another cup of cold water to the pot of sugar water and bring to the boil.
4. Pour this entire mixture into a heat-proof bowl and set in a steamer over two inches of simmering water. Add the papaya and steam for three quarters of an hour. Pour into small bowls and serve immediately.
Serves six.

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