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Beijing Lamb Hot Pot


Beijing Lamb Hot Pot
2 pounds boneless lamb loin, sliced thin
½ pound Chinese celery cabbage, cut into half-inch slices
4 ounces mung beans, soaked in tepid water until soft, then cut into four-inch lengths
6 dried shrimp, soaked until soft, then coarsely chopped 4 Chinese black mushrooms, soaked, stems removed and discarded, each cut in slices
5 cups chicken stock
dips of ones choice such as: light soy sauce, chili oil, shrimp sauce, minced scallions, minced coriander leaves, etc. and a raw egg for each person
1. Put lamb, celery cabbage, and soaked mung beans out on a platter.
2. Put shrimp and Chinese mushroom pieces and stock in a hot pot and bring to the boil.
3. Give each diner a long-handled fork, a Chinese soup bowl, a wire mesh strainer, and chop sticks. Put the desired dips in small bowls table-side so each diner can put what they want into their own soup bowl with stock, if desired and then simmer a slice of meat and some vegetables. Each can dip this in their bowl, and eat as desired, meat first, then vegetables, with or without their vermicelli. The raw egg cn be added at the end, if desired.

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