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Red Dates and Hasma

Unusual Ingredients

Red Dates and Hasma
1/2 Tablespoon defrosted and soaked hasma
1 slice fresh ginger
12 almonds, skins removed
4 pitted dried red dates
1 Tablespoon clear/white rock sugar
1. Soak hasma for two hours in fresh warm tap water, then drain and rinse well. If the pieces are large, cut them into smaller sections.
2. Bring two cups of cold water to the boil, add the hasma with the ginger and simmer for ten minutes, drain and set aside reserving the liquid.
3. Put the hasma, its soaking liquid, and all else but the sugar into a bowl with a tight fitting cover. Add two more cups of water and cover. Put in the steamer and steam over boiling water for two hours, then add the sugar, and steam another half hour.
Serve hot or warm

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