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Lamb Meatballs


Lamb Meatballs
2 pounds mixed lamb liver, lungs, stomach, spleen, and their kidneys with their veins removed, minced
2 Tablespoons flour
1 scallion, minced fine
1/4 teaspoon each until one and a half teaspoons are measured out of ground spices such as: Sichuan pepper, salt, ginger, cumin, and black pepper
1/4 yard cheesecloth and string
2 Tablespoons chicken fat
one sprig cilantro for garnish or coarsely chopped and used that way

1. Toss all meat and spice ingredients together and shape like a long sausage. Next roll it in the cheesecloth and tie every few inches.
2. Simmer for twenty minutes covered with boiling water, then unroll and slice into thin rounds.
3. Heat fat in a wok or fry pan, and fry the slices on both sides, garnish, and then serve.

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