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Bird's Nest Soup

Soups and Congees

Bird's Nest Soup
1 pound bird’s nets, soaked overnight in two quarts warm water, drained in the morning
½ pound pork, chopped
1 Tablespoon hoisin sauce
½ Tablespoon oyster sauce
½ teaspoon salt
1/4 pound shredded cooked chicken breast
2 Tablespoons minced smoked ham
2 Tablespoons cilantro, coarsely minced

1. Soak dried bird’s nest for two hours, then add two quarts of boiling water and remove any feathers or dark particles left; then drain them again.
2. Cover the bird’s nest with two quarts boiling water and simmer for two hours.
3. Add the pork and simmer for two hours longer.
4. Next, add sauces and salt, chicken breast and ham, and simmer one half hour longer.
5. Pour into a pre-heater soup tureen, sprinkle cilantro on top, and serve.

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