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Tibetan Butter Tea is Po Cha


Tibetan Butter Tea is Po Cha
1 heaping Tablespoon loose black tea from the Pemagul area of Tibet
1 tea churn they call a chandong
salt, to taste
½ cup, more or less, full-fat yak milk, to taste
2 Tablespoons full fat yak butter, to taste

1. Boil five or six cups of water called chaku, and put the tea leaves in and boil it for five minutes or so, then strain the tea leaves out of the water.
3. Put one quarter of a teaspoon of salt, two tablespoons of yak butter, and a half a teaspoon of milk powder into their chandong which is a kind of a churn to shake the tea for two to five minutes or more. This tea or po cah tastes better the longer it is churned or shaken. A blender can be used instead of a Tibetan churn like the ones on this page.

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