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Goat and Onion Soup

Soups and Congees

Goat and Onion Soup
½ pound goat fillet, sliced thin, then cut into one-inch long pieces
2 teaspoons dark soy sauce
2 teaspoons rice wine
2 teaspoons sesame oil
½ teaspoon each, coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
2 Tablespoons cornstarch
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 cup diced onions
½ fresh chili pepper seeded and slivered
2 peeled onions, one red and one white, cut in large pieces top to bottom
½ cup fresh coriander leaves and stems, coarsely chopped
6 to 8 cups boiling chicken broth
1 Tablespoon Chinese black vinegar

1. Mix goat meat, soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil with the salt, pepper, and cornstarch, and marinate it in this for half an hour before draining and drying the meat with paper towels. Reserve the marinade refrigerated for another use. It will stay refrigerated for several days.
2. Heat a wok or fry pan, add the oil, and stir-fry the drained marinated meat for two minutes, then add the chili pepper and leeks and stir-fry for another minute until the meat is no longer pink.
3. Remove the meat from the wok or pan and continue to fry the leeks for another two to three minutes.
4. Then, put al these cooked foods in a pre-heated soup tureen with the coriander, the boiling chicken broth, goat meat, and vinegar, and mix well., then serve in a preheated tureen or individual soup bowls.

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