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Noodle Sheets With Black Rice Flour

Rice, Noodles, and Other Grain Foods

Noodle Sheets With Black Rice Flour
½ cup black rice flour
½ cup cornstarch
½ cup tapioca flour
½ cup vegetable oil or half that amount and 1/4 cup sesame oil

1. Whisk black rice flour. cornstarch, and tapioca flour, then add six cups of water slowly, another one if needed, and allow to stand for an hour.
2. Then strain through a fine strainer, it will look like thin crepe batter.
3. Using eight-inch non-stick fry-pan, add a tablespoon of oil and heat to medium. Take a paper towel and dip it in the oil wiping the pan before adding a scant onequarter cup batter. Cover the pan with a tight-fitting lid and cook for one minute, then lift the lid carefully not to let any water from the cover drip on the contents. Dry the inside of the lid then recover the pan for another half minute before then lift the rice sheet with a wooden spatula and put it top-side down on a oiled baking sheet.
4. Stir the batter again and repeat until it is all used; and if they seem to stick together, oil the top surface or prepared sheet placing another on it. Cool before using and do wrap any filling you choose.

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