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Lotus Stuffed With Sticky Rice

Vegetables, also Vegetarian Foods

Lotus Stuffed With Sticky Rice
2 lotus rhizome sections. Separated and scrubbed clean
1 ounce glutinous rice, soaked for half hour, then drained
2 ounces brown rock sugar, smashed
2 ounces cooked brown rice
honey and osmanthus syrup, optional as sauce

1. Cut half inch end off each section of lotus and reserve.
2. Fill each hole in each section, break toothpicks in half, and close the section with half of three or four of them.
3. Put each section of lotus in a pressure cooker and cover them with water. Add both sugars to the water, cover the pressure cooker, bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer under pressure for half an hour, then cool them and when cool, open the pan and when partially cool, slice each one in half-inch pieces. Serve the honey and the osmanthus in separate small dishes, or combine them and pour them over the cut slices.

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