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Eight Treasure Steamed Rice

Fruits, Desserts, and Other Sweet Foods

Eight Treasure Steamed Rice
8 different dried fruits and nuts such as pit-free rambutan pieces, dried and soaked until soft Chinese black or brown dates, quartered pit-free apricots, and other soaked soft seeds until eight have been selected and soaked, as needed
2 cups cooked sweet rice
1 cup super fine sugar
3 Tablespoons lard
½ cup red bean paste

1. Line a steamer basket with muslin or cheesecloth rung out in cold water.
2. Grease a heat-proof bowl, spread the cloth on a greased bowl, and put the dried fruits and nuts on the cloth in a decorative pattern.
3. Mix the cooked rice with the sugar and the lard, put half of it on the fruit and nut design, then put the red bean paste on this, and the rest of the rice mixture on top. Cover with the ends of the cloth and push down firmly. Then put a small flat plate upside down on top.
4. Steam for twenty-five minutes, remove from the steamer, invert onto a clean flat plate leaving the bowl and cloth on for twenty minutes before removing. Then serve.

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