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Lamb and Quince


Lamb and Quince
2 pounds of boneless lamb, any fat discarded
2 Tablespoons solid shortening or lard
1/4 teaspoon marjoram
1 teaspoon cardamon
1 whole clove
salt and pepper. to taste
2 quince, about 2 pounds, peel and seeds discarded, the fruit cut into four to six pieces

1. Cut lamb into two-inch pieces and add it and the shortening into a heavy casserole and brown the meat.
2. Next add one cup of water and all the spices and the salt and pepper, and stir. Then cover the casserole, reduce the heat, and simmer for an hour until the lamb is tender. Baste once or twice, as needed.
3. Then add the quince, stir, and simmer another five minutes, remove the cover, and simmer another five minutes, then serve.

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