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Apricot Kernels, Tea, and Egg Whites

Fruits, Desserts, and Other Sweet Foods

Apricot Kernels, Tea, and Egg Whites
1 cup apricot kernels, soaked until soft, then drained and blended
1 Tablespoon jasmine tea leaves. Soaked until soft
3 egg whites. Beaten until fluffy but not stiff
2 Tablespoons rock sugar, crushed

1. Put apricot kernels into a blender with four cups of cold water, and blend until smooth, then pour this apricot-kernel-liquid through cheese cloth set over a bowl and drain saving the liquid and discarding the ground kernels.
2. Heat the apricot-kernel-liquid in a pot over medium heat, add the crushed rock sugar, then slowly add the beaten egg whites and serve hot, tepid, or at room temperature immediately after adding them.

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