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Rice Balls in Sweet Wine

Rice, Noodles, and Other Grain Foods

Rice Balls in Sweet Wine
2 Tablespoons goji berries, separated
3/4 cup glutinous rice flour, plus extra for dusting
5 Tablespoons confectioners sugar
4 Tablespoons potato starch
1 egg, beaten well
½ cup fermented rice wine

1. Soften the goji berries in warm water for twenty minutes, drain, then divide in half, and cut one half of them n half.
2. Mix the glutinous rice flour with six tablespoons of cold water, then break off small amounts and roll them into almond-shaped pieces dusting them with a little rice flour and keeping them separated.
3. Now, bring a quart of water to the boil in a small pot with one cup of cold water, and simmer them until they rise to the surface, then remove them to a small bowl.
4. Stir in the sugar with the balls into the pot stirring and adding the potato starch until it thickens, then turn off the heat, Now toss in the beaten egg, and stir and when they are completely covered with egg that has set on these balls, add the rice wine and the whole goji berries and transfer this to a low bowl and let it sit for an hour, them put the cut berries decoratively on the top and serve while warm.

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