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Steamed Pork in Lotus Leaf


Steamed Pork in Lotus Leaf
5 Tablespoons raw rice
1½ pounds pork butt, cut into three-inch chunks
2 Tablespoons black beans, mashed
2 squares red soy bean cheese
2 Tablespoons thin soy sauce
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 egg white, optional
3 large dried lotus leaves, soaked in warm water until soft, about five minutes, their thick center stems removed and discarded

1. In a dry wok or fry pan, roast the rice stirring often, until brown and aromatic. Then crush it with the handle of the cleaver.
2. Mix mashed black beans and red bean cheese with the soy sauce and sugar, and spread this mixture on all sides of each piece of pork.
3. Wrap each piece with a double-thick piece of lotus leaf, and seal with water or egg white.
4. Put these wrapped packages seam-side down in a steamer basket in a single layer. Steam them over simmering water for three hours, adding more water as needed. If not using immediately, put them in the refrigerator. Twenty minutes before needed, steam them for the rest of the time, adding twenty minutes to it if needed; then serve.

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