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Grilled Lamb, Mongolian Style


Grilled Lamb, Mongolian Style
1 three to four year old whole lamb, innards discarded, and on a spit
5 scallions, each tied in a knot
10 cloves garlic
10 Sichuan peppercorns
3 Tablespoons ground ginger
1 Tablespoon coarse salt
½ cup dark soy sauce
½ cup sesame oil

1. Wipe the cavity of the lamb, remove and discard all the organs. Dry with paper towels, use organs another time.
2. Then, into the cavity, put the scallion knots, garlic, ginger, Sichuan peppercorns, and salt, and tightly sew it closed.
3. Rub soy sauce and sesame oil several times on the exterior and let this rest for half an hour.
4. Grill this using a spit and turn it often for four hours or roast it in a Peking Duck oven.
5. When done, take it off the spit and give each person a large knife to cut off and enjoy their favorite parts, or cut off chunks and put them on a large platter placed in the center of the table.
6. If available, give them wet towels to wipe their hands.

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