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Eggs and Loquat Conpoy


Eggs and Loquat Conpoy
3 conpoy, soaked for two hours, steamed with one tablespoon rice wine and one slice fresh ginger slivered for one hour, cooled and torn in thin shreds
2 Tablespoons water chestnut flour
1/4 pound crab meat
1 scallion, slivered
3 Tablespoons vegetable oil, divided
6 eggs, beaten well

1. Steam and prepare the conpoy; and when dry, shred it.
2. Mix water chestnut flour with crab meat, shredded conpoy, and the slivered scallions.
3. Grease two or three ceramic soup spoons with oil and then add beaten eggs to the conpoy mixture. Steam it in these spoons over boiling water for six minutes, cool slightly, then remove these spoon-shaped items.
4. Heat a wok or fry pan, add the remaining oil, and panfry these pieces on each side until lightly colored, then se as is or in other dishes.

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