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Stuffed Winter Melon with Seafood and Bird's Nest

Unusual Ingredients

Stuffed Winter Melon with Seafood and Bird's Nest
40 grams or two molded pieces of bird’s nest, soaked until soft, drained, and then minced
1/4 pound shelled cooked shrimp, veins discarded, shrimp chopped coarsely
1/8 pound crab meat, cartilage removed, then coarsely chopped
1½ cup stock, divided into one and ½ cup amounts
1 egg white
1 pound winter melon, cut into half-inch thick circles
1 slice fresh ginger, minced finely
1 teaspoon cornstarch
dash of sesame oil

1. Dry shrimp, crab meat, and winter melon pieces with paper towels.
2. Steam the winter melon circles for six minutes.
3. Mix bird’s nest pieces with shrimp. crabmeat, egg white, ginger pieces, and sesame oil and put some on each melon slice, and then steam them for three minutes.
4. Mix cornstarch and half cup of cold stock, heat this stirring well, and then pour over the melon circles and serve.

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